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Obviously I cannot put their music on my website, but I'd like to give you some tips anyway. Then it's your problem to find the music (or you can visit me...)

Built in late 2001 around songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Pascal Hallibert, Templo Diez is an indie multi-configuration collective based in the Netherlands with members from Italy, France, Netherlands and Venezuela.

Mixing lo-fi, and post-rock influences with inspiration from writers such as Bukowski, Fante or Coupland, Templo Diez weaves intense and intimate songs delivered with an almost cinematographic feeling, at the crossroad between the Velvet Underground, Will Oldham, Cat Power, Sparklehorse and Low. Ranging from minimalistic production to string-based arrangements, often playing with noise and sound manipulation, each track gets its own atmosphere, telling its own story.

Habib Koité (Mali) - great rhythms and guitar

Rokia Traoré (Mali) - spiritual with rhythm

Omar Pène (Senegal) - the real alternative to Youssou N'Dour

Ali Farka Touré (Mali) - the king of African Blues

Wassoulou sound (Mali) - a style with its roots in hunting songs from the region of Wassoulou. Almost exclusively sung by women (Nahawa Doumbia, Oumou Sangaré and many more)

Lemzo Diamono (Senegal) - rock guitar and hard African rhythm

Tarika (Madagascar) - great African folk



Infamous free-rock band active in the south of Italy in the first 90's. Their rough and improvised sound has caused quite a few headaches to the friends who came and watched the sessions. If you also want to give a proof of extreme courage you can download the mp3 down here.

Good time (2.5 MB)

Dancing Barefoot by Patti Smith (4 MB)

(sorry Patti)


Vocal, guitar and violin: Saskia van der Giessen
Bassguitar: David Jackson
Drums: Paolo Panza
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